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Zynga’s Zombie Swipeout lets you slice, dice, and julienne

Plugged In

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Zombie Swipeout

Where, oh where, would we be without zombies?  These shambling, brainless baddies are the perfect outlet for gamer rage.  Squish 'em, shoot 'em, run 'em over: dealing out pain to the undead never seems to get old.

The folks at Gamedoctors — an indie app developer recently acquired by Zynga — understand the primal joy of zombie-smashing.  In fact, they made a game about it, fittingly named ZombieSmash!, which became, er, a smash hit on the iTunes store last year, garnering a 4.5 star rating from thousands of voters.

Now they're back with Zombie Swipeout, a follow-up that's set in the same cartoon-horror universe.  But instead of smashing zombies, this time you slash them to pieces with a host of suitably brutal weapons, edged or otherwise.

The gameplay comprises a 75-second blitz mode, as zombies are tossed into the air and you must swipe your finger to slice through them.  You get bonus points for skilled swipe placement (pro tip: decapitation is a plus) and for chaining kills into combos.  Just don't kill the good guys who occasionally get thrown into the mix.

Designer Matthias Hoechsmann points with pride to the game's under-the-hood physics — playfully called the "Splatter Engine" — which enable realistic rag-doll animations and humorously over-the-top gore.  Also of note is the sophisticated meta-game that'll allow you to collect coins, acquire new and nastier weapons, level up, and compare high scores with your friends.

Although an official release date for Zombie Swipeout hasn't been announced yet, it'll be out soon globally for iOS.  Keep your eyes peeled and your machete sharpened.

Check out the Zombie Swipeout trailer here.

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