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Adam Sandler tapped to write ‘Candyland’ screenplay


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Adam Sandler (Getty Images)

Of all the baffling toy-turned-movie projects to have raised their heads since Hasbro and Paramount made comeback hits out of Transformers and G.I. Joe, the film based on kid's board game Candyland is perhaps the most bizarre.

And when its competition includes planned movies based on Ouija, Stretch Armstrong, and Risk, that's really saying something.

Few of those have much chance of making it to the big screen -- but not only has Candyland evaded cancellation, it's moved from Universal to Sony Pictures and signed up Adam Sandler for the screenplay duties, says The Hollywood Reporter.

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Talk about a change in direction. Last time we heard from Candlyand's previous writer, Jonathan Aibel (he of 'Kung Fu Panda 2' and 'King of the Hill'), he was talking up a script that would be "Lord of the Rings, but set in a world of candy."

Serious? Kidding? We're still not sure, and while there's no word yet on what Sandler (who's working with fellow Saturday Night Live stalwart Robert Smigel) will take the story, we're pretty sure it'll be an improvement on that.

With the exception of Battleship (which will be steaming into theaters this May), Universal Studios has now divested itself of all its projects based on Hasbro franchises, according to the LA Times. Movies based on Monopoly, Ouija, and even geek favorite card game Magic: The Gathering were among those scrapped by Universal; the planned Stretch Armstrong flick remains in production at indie studio Relativity.

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