Amazing video illusion gets cool in the pool


A graphic designer by training, videographer 'Brusspup' got into the illusion business three years ago, bringing his technical know-how to bear on a lifelong fascination.

"I love the challenge of trying to come up with a new twist on each illusion," he told Yahoo! Games -- and his latest effort does just that by giving a classic perspective trick some new flavor.

Not unlike sidewalk art, the illusion is anamorphic -- it's drawn in a distorted way so that, from a specific perspective, it looks like a normal object.  But because this illusion has been captured on video, you can see the object take shape in real-time. It's pretty awesome when it all comes together:

"There is only one 'perfect' angle that the object can be viewed from," Brusspup notes.  "The design is essentially created from that original angle. To have more of a dramatic effect, I try to have the design fall on lot of angles and horizontal surfaces like floors and ceilings."

For more of Brusspup's video illusions, check out his Youtube channel.

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