It’s curtains for ‘Scene It’


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Scene It? (Screenlife)

Screenlife, the prolific company behind all those "Scene It?" movie trivia board games, is closing its doors, owner Paramount announced this week.

Distinguished by their accompanying DVDs and carrying licenses of pop-culture properties from Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Scene It? line was a huge hit at its 2002 debut. It would go on to become the top-selling board game for both 2005 and 2006, generating more than $200 million in annual sales.

The franchise also made it to video game consoles like the Wii and Xbox 360 as well as a number of mobile and cellphone platforms. Paramount bought the Seattle-based company in 2008 in a deal that was reportedly worth around $100 million.

In a statement, Paramount chief operating officer Frederick Huntsberry blamed a poor and weakening board game market for the closure of Screenlife, which comes with the loss of 40 jobs.

"Unfortunately, the board game market is not where it used to be and continues to weaken," Huntsberry said. "Given these tough economic circumstances, the only remaining choice was to bring Screenlife's operations to a close."

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