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Lego unveils ‘Lord of the Rings’ minifigs


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Not content with winning our hearts with its awesome minifigures based on Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Toy Story, Lego has whipped the cloth off its latest movie-licensed minifig collection.

And revealed a row of hairy feet.

Yup, a Lego version of J.R.R. Tolkien's celebrated Shire-dwelling hobbits will be coming to a toy store near you this summer. From the looks of the promo images, the Danish toy-maker is starting with the characters from The Lord of the Rings series, but Lego has also nailed down the rights to Peter Jackson's upcoming pair of movies based on The Hobbit.

In other words, expect a deluge of Middle Earth-themed playsets (and perhaps Heroica-style board games) to be coming your way over the course of the year.

Reports indicate some early sets will be based on epic fight scenes like the attack on Weathertop, Sam and Frodo's battle with Shelob, and the massive siege of Helm's Deep -- while smaller, character-led offerings will include a set depicting Gandalf riding a cart full of fireworks.

Question is, will Lego do the same thing it did with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and its other major movie-based ranges, and put out a set of Lego The Lord of the Rings video games? No official word yet, but given Lego's recent track record, you don't have to have the Mirror of Galadriel to see that it's all but a sure thing.

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