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Magic: The Gathering app decked out on iPhone


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Magic: The Gathering Toolbox (Wizards of the Coast)

Keeping track of your Magic: The Gathering habit just got a whole lot easier.

At least, it did if you have an iPhone.

Magic publisher Wizards of the Coast rolled out the Magic: The Gathering Toolbox this week, and it's a must download for any iThing-owning Magic players. There's a breakdown of  its full feature list right here, but the app's headline feature is definitely its built-in, searchable, and updatable database of over 10,000 Magic cards.

It'll also serve as a life, Commander damage, mana, and poison tracker mid-game, and includes features that will update you on Magic news and help you find local Magic stores and events. For now, it's only available on iPhone, but iPad-enhanced and Android versions are coming "soon," we're told.

If that sounds like something you can use, tap your way to the App Store, where Magic: The Gathering Toolbox awaits you for the reasonable and fair price of zero. (Future card database updates will cost money, though.)

Consider it a reward for all those greenbacks you spent on Magic cards, eh?

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