Marine has world’s largest Lego collection


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Photo Credit: Cpl. Aaron Diamant

If you've ever accidentally stepped on a Lego brick in your bare feet, you might think that any amount of Lego is too much.

So spare a thought for Marine Corps Captain Kyle Ugone, who's probably no stranger to painful feet. According to record-keepers Guinness, Ugone is officially the owner of the world's largest private collection of assembled Lego sets.

"I got my first set as a gift when I was 5 years old," he told the American Forces Press Service. "It's a windmill, and I still have it today. From there, I kept getting more and more sets."

Another 1,250 of them, to be exact, and his huge collection is now on display in his Yuma, Arizona home. Quite a lot of his Yuma, Arizona home, we assume. Ugone's sets range from modest beginner toys all the way to monster creations containing over 5,000 pieces, and cover themes as diverse as dragons, Star Wars, and pirate ships.

Ugone was inspired to contact Guinness to inquire about the record after chatting with fellow collectors online. Guinness eventually sent a Lego expert to visit him at his home to certify his collection, but the expert could only allow a mere 1,091 sets (he technically owns 1,251), as the others lacked instructions or were reproductions. A total of around 5,000 Lego sets are thought to have been produced, although some are extremely rare or otherwise limited releases.

So what's next for Ugone? Actually, it sounds like he's done. According to the Department of Defense, he's slowly disassembling the models to free up some space in his house -- and he's planning to turn his attention to restoring classic cars instead. Hope he's got a big garage.

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