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How much would the Clue mansion cost?


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Clue (Parker Brothers)

Fresh off determining the real-world prices for Monopoly properties, the board game fans at Movoto have tackled another famous piece of fictitious real-estate: the mansion from Clue.

Making its board game debut in 1949, the sprawling manor would seem like a hard sell, having hosted countless dastardly deeds over the years. But look past its tainted rooms and deadly weapons and you'll find a pretty amazing home.

Movoto puts the Tudor-style mansion at a hefty $4,450,000, based loosely on a real-world location that does a pretty great job of emulating the house of horrors (minus all those murders, that is).

Grab a candlestick and say hello to Scotney Castle. Located in Kent, England, it's got everything you'd need in a mysterious mansion: medieval ruins, a moat, hidden rooms (dubbed "priest holes," as they were initially used to hide Catholic priests persecuted in the 16th century), and even its very own ghost.

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Scotney Castle (photo: Oast House Archive)

From there the Movoto folks simply tallied up the number of bedrooms (eight -- one for each character and one apiece for the butler and maid), lined up some comps, and wound up with the $4 million-plus asking price.  You might want to throw in an extra $50 a month for a rug cleaning service, though. Blood doesn't come out easy.

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