Nebraska professor owns over 1,500 board games


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"A man in Omaha, Nebraska reportedly has amassed a collection of over 1,500 board games," quipped Seth Meyers on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. "The only one he hasn't mastered is the Game of Life."

That might be enough to embarrass some, but for Kaleb Michaud, the particular Nebraskan board game collector in question, it's been part of a wild ride to local celebrity status.

A rheumatology professor by day, Michaud's fifteen seconds of fame began after The Omaha World-Herald ran an article chronicling his collection. He caught the board game bug when a friend taught him to play best-selling "gateway" hit Settlers of Catan, and now he has accumulated some 1,504 games -- enough to fill an entire room.

And he didn't take Meyers' gag too personally. In fact, according to a profile that ran this week in The Daily Nebraskan, he wasn't insulted at all.

He might be in line for more recognition than a few column-inches and a SNL skit. His collection is within shouting distance of being a world record. According to Guinness, the current record holder is Illinois resident Jeff Bauspies, who snagged the title back in August with a total hoard of 1,531, just a handful more than Michaud. Depending on how many games Bauspies has acquired since setting the record, he could be in for a little competition.

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