From pixel to Lego: Indie hit ‘Minecraft’ about to get blockier


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Lego Minecraft

Countless Lego toys have been depicted in video games, but as far as we know there's never been a Lego set that's based purely on a video game property.

That's all going to change this summer -- and the game in question isn't a headline-grabbing name like Mario, Halo, or Pokemon. Instead, it's quirky indie builder Minecraft.

Named "Minecraft Micro World," the set will be a small-scale, modular recreation of the game's famously blocky terrain, plus Lego representations of two of the game's "most iconic characters," Steve and a Creeper.

Minecraft's worlds are built from perfect cubes, and although you can't quite make one of those in Lego, a one-by-one plate with a tile on top turns out to be a decent approximation, according to the set's creators.

The Minecraft project is born from Lego's CUUSOO project, a web site that enables Lego fans to submit their own creations. If they receive the approval of 10,000 other fans, Lego will turn them into fully fledged retail products. Minecraft Micro World will be the third to release, following replicas of a Shinkai 6500 research submarine and the Hayabusa space probe. While creators of successful projects usually earn a one-percent cut of the sales, Micro World's proceeds will instead go to an as-yet-unspecified charity.

Preorders of the set should be live on the Minecraft merchandise store today, and you'll be able to buy the set in selected Lego stores and online this summer for $34.99, if it doesn't sell out beforehand. (It will.)

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