Rare Skylanders figures fetch over $1,200


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You know a game is a hit when it sells on eBay for higher than its retail price. You know it's a smash when pieces of that game are commanding premium pricing on the auction site. But when six of those pieces sell for well over $1,000? That's when you've officially got a monster on your hands.

Activision is in that fortunate position as six Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure figures in the U.K. have sold for £797, roughly $1,260. And the winner will have to toss in another $50 or so for shipping.

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While Skylanders figures have been a regular presence on auction sites pretty much since their debut, a small subset of the toys are considered rare -- even though they don't have any significant impact on gameplay. This auction was filled with those hard to find items.

Specifically, the lucky (??) buyer managed to snag gold versions of Chop Chop, Flameslinger and Drill Sergeant, and silver versions of Eruptor, Boomer and Dino-Rang.

A second auction, which still has more than five days remaining, has already topped $428 for just the gold versions of Chop Chop, Flameslinger and Drill Sergeant.

As Joystiq points out, while winning this sort of bidding war might be a symbolic victory for the fanatical Skylanders player, the investment quality of these toys is somewhat dubious. That likely won't dissuade others from paying as much or more for them in the near future, though.

Activision may have initially underestimated the impact this series would have, but it's planning to correct that error soon. The company has already announced Skylanders Giants, an expansion that will feature eight oversized figures (roughly twice the size of the originals) that carry new powers. In addition, it will roll out eight new regular sized figurines as well. Both are expected this fall -- and don't be surprised if a small handful of those are silver or gold as well.

In addition, the company plans to re-release all of the current Skylanders characters in different poses, which could boost the value of the original toys on the resale market.

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