‘Ridiculous mini-golf’ is ridiculously awesome


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Bored with the castles, moats and drawbridges of typical miniature-golf courses? Internet madman Tom Scott is, so to celebrate his ten-thousandth day on the planet, he opted to create a substantially cooler one.

Scott asked some of his fellow hacker pals to build a 12-hole mini-golf course from scratch, and the result is the geek's equivalent of Pebble Beach.

Standouts include a hole based on beloved indie game Minecraft, a hole that requires users to guide the golf ball through a labyrinth using a Wii remote, a hole that vacuums the ball through two large tube loops, and a spectacular series of Portal-themed holes featuring laser turrets, a portal that 'teleports' your ball from one path to another, and the "Aperture Science Companion Sphere Incinerator." It even comes with a slice of cake, no lie:

The course is housed in the Limehouse Town Hall in a borough outside of London, but sadly isn't a permanent installation. However, Scott says that most of the holes will be on display at the Derby Maker Faire in June.

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