Seven amazing domino creations


Legend has it that the game of dominoes was first invented by the ancient Egyptians, sometime around the time of Tutankhamen.

Legend also has it that shortly after doing so, the ancient Egyptians discovered it was much more fun to stand all their dominoes in a long, wavy line, knock one over, and sit back and watch all the rest collapse one after the other.

They were onto something. To prove it, here's a handful of the world's best domino (and domino-inspired) chains.

Most Dominoes Toppled in a Spiral
Round and round the dominoes go, and where they stop, nobody...well, actually, it's pretty obvious where they're going to stop. Spirals are a popular shape for domino chain fans, and this particular spiral is a world record holder. Created by a German team after a snafu kept the official record just out of reach, their second spiral boasts over 30,000 multicolored dominoes. Why did they do it? Hard to say. But it's also hard not to be impressed at their dedication.

Supermarket Dominoes
Working in a supermarket isn't the most exciting job in the world, so who could blame this inventive crew of Finnish employees for finding a way to liven up the night shift? With the customers gone and their supervisors apparently nowhere to be seen, they built an epic, toppling chain of -- well, of all kinds of things. They're having so much fun it's almost enough to make you think about changing careers.

Human Mattress Dominoes
While we're on the subject of new jobs, how does being a human mattress sound? No benefits, no pay, and no prospects, but you basically get to laze around in bed all day. Here are 850 of the world's top human mattresses in action in New Orleans, setting one of the most bizarre world records we've ever seen. And what do you do with 850 lightly-used, once-toppled mattresses? Donated by the Simmons Bedding Company, these were generously passed on to local homeless charities.

Beer Bottle Dominoes

Parties: fun. Cleaning up afterwards: not so much. So here's a novel way to put all those empties to good use: create a domino chain that winds its way through what appears to be several rooms of a Danish bar, and ending up...well, that'd be telling. Let's just say we suspect there are much easier ways to get a drink than this.

Domino Pool Trick

Check out this French and/or Canadian hustler who demonstrates how to clear not one, not two, not even three, but four pool tables in one shot...with the help of a few strategically positioned cues and a whole lot of dominoes. In the words of the presenters, it's totally incroyable.

Hardback Dominoes

What do you do with a few thousand hardback books nobody wants? If you're Brit-art troupe Responsible Fishing, you take over a lecture theater in northern England and create this compact-yet-stately domino chain. Though it doesn't match some of the grander videos for scale or impressiveness, it's perfectly formed -- and you can't help but smile at the transfixed audience.

Domino Shots

We've seen books as dominoes. We've seen fork-lift pallets as dominoes. We've even seen mattresses as dominoes. So here's a steady-handed bartender putting the domino-toppling principle to work with what appears to be a very, very large number of fruity, mojito-like shots. Why? Do you need a reason to make shots? Beyond the obvious reason, we have no idea -- our Latvian's a bit rusty. But we suspect it's a publicity stunt by rum maestros Bacardi. According to the Youtube caption, this imaginative escapade is a world record, albeit an unofficial one.

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