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Just when you thought Monopoly special editions couldn't get any weirder, along comes Capcom.

Yup, the latest offering from board game specialists USAopoly sees the combatants in classic video game brawler series Street Fighter trading properties -- not punches -- in a battle for financial dominance.

Street Fighter Monopoly will come with a selection of six characters from the series, together with a custom-painted board and appropriately renamed locations. And though the combination seems a little bizarre, a look over USAopoly's other new products makes it seem rather less out-of-place: the company is also working on versions of Monopoly based on Futurama and the Klingons, together with a reskinned Risk carrying the Metal Gear Solid brand.

So to the $64,000 question: Will your favorite character make the cut? Actually, that's up to you. Fans can weigh in on the eventual selection by voting in a poll hosted on Capcom's web site until March 5.

We doubt USAopoly will change the game's cherished rule-set for the Street Fighter edition, but it's absolutely dripping with potential for creative house-rules. Opponent moved past your hotel? If you're playing Dhalsim, just stretch out your arms and drag him back to pay his rent. Income tax due? Hadouken! And now when your games inevitably degenerate into fist-fights, at least you can claim you were just really getting into the theme.

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