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a variation of Euchre (not played at Yahoo) in which players compete individually, and in which the maker chooses a partner by naming a suit; if anyone holds the ace of that suit, he or she is maker's partner for the deal, although this information is kept secret until the ace is played

the jack of a suit; see left bower or right bower

to distribute the cards to the players

the player who deals the cards

opponents of the maker

a card played in a suit other than the suit led, and other than a trump

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eldest hand
the player to the left of the dealer, who has the first opportunity to accept the turn-up as trump or, if no one accepts that card, to name a different suit as trump

to keep the maker's side from taking at least three tricks; a maker who takes fewer than three tricks is said to be "euchred," and the other side earns points

the cards dealt to a player; or the entire deal (all four hands collectively, as in "a hand of Euchre")

the undealt cards, one of which is initially turned faceup

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the card played to start a trick, or the obligation to play the first card of a hand; a player "has the lead" or is "on lead" when he or she has won the previous trick

left bower
the jack of the suit that is the same color as the trump suit; the second-highest trump

the player who chooses trump, either by ordering up the faceup card or naming a trump suit after the faceup card has been

the taking of all five tricks by one side

ordering it up
accepting the turn-up card as trump, in which case dealer (who may or may not be the one who "ordered it up") picks up that card and makes a discard

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right bower
the jack of the trump suit; the highest-ranking trump

an original holding of one card in a suit

stick the dealer
an optional rule that prevents hands from being passed out by requiring the dealer to name trump if no one else has done so

a round of cards during the play, one card being contributed by each player

a suit chosen by the maker to outrank all other suits during the play of the hand; a trump suit consists of the six cards of the suit named plus the other jack of the same color; e.g., if hearts are trump, the jack of diamonds is also trump (see left bower). A trump outranks any card from a nontrump suit and can only be beaten by a higher trump.

the card turned faceup after the deal and first proposed as trump

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