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Naval Command is a two-player game where players take turns trying to destroy the other player's fleet of ships. Naval Command has three modes of play.

Default rules. Each player takes a turn firing a shot.

Extra turn on hit:
Every time you hit an enemy ship, you get another turn. When you miss, your turn is over.

Fire as many times as you have ships:
Players are allowed to keep firing as long as they have ships in their fleet.

Once the game mode is selected, you must place your ships on the ocean grid. Each player starts out with five ships. The table below shows the ships and how many hits it takes to sink each one.

Ship Ship Name Number of Hits to Sink
Carrier 5
Destroyer 4
Aegis Cruiser 4
Submarine 3
Patrol Boat 2

You may place your ships horizontally or vertically. Once you've selected the ship you wish to place, click the right mouse button to rotate it into position. Left-click when you have the ship lined up on the grid where you wish to place it.

Once all five of your ships have been placed, click the "Commence Mission" button in the upper right-hand corner to start the game. The first turn is picked randomly. When it is your turn, select the square on the left grid you wish to attack. A miss is marked with a white "X." A hit will be marked with a red "H" marked diamond. When you've sunk a ship, the outline of the ship will be grayed out. The first person to sink all five of his/her opponent's ships wins the game.

Be aware that leaving a game before it is completed will cause your rating to drop significantly, as well as increase the amount of abandoned games on your Naval Command profile. This could make it harder to find opponents if you leave a game early just because you are losing.