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Graffiti is a game that will test your artistic and logic skills. During each 2 minute turn, one player will draw a word while the other players try and guess the word. The artist will get a list of 10 words for each turn. The artist can cycle through the words by pushing the "Skip Word" button. The artist needs to develop convincing illustrations for as many of the words in the list as possible in 2 minutes. When a word is correctly guessed, the guesser and the artist each get 50 points. If the artist does not know what the word is or thinks it will be difficult to draw, he may click the "Skip Word" button and try one of the other words in the list. If the players are able to guess all 10 words, or if the timer runs out, the turn is over.

The artist has 7 different colors and an eraser to use when drawing the word. There is also a "clear" button which will clear the canvas. As the players guess at the word being drawn their guesses are shown in a list on the left. When the word is found, the list entry will be shown in blue. If guesses are close to the actual word, the artist may highlight their guesses to signal which guesses are on the right track. For example, if the word is gardenburger and the word burger is guessed, the artist may click on the word "burger" resulting in the word being highlighted green. This may help players realize that the word "burger" is close to the actual word. At the end of the turn the game will list all the words not found in red.

Spaces between words are ignored, and the game will check for partial words. If the word being drawn is magic carpet, the game will accept the following words: magiccarpet, magic carpets, etc. The number of rounds for each game will be between 6 and 10 depending on the number of players. The person with the highest score at the end of the last round wins.

Illegal Drawing
Players are expected to draw pictures to convey the word. While it is against the rules to draw letters or numbers, more lenient versions of gameplay could allow the player to draw words and numbers other than the given word.

The game also includes a special team mode. This will pit players at the top of the screen against players at the bottom of the screen. You may only guess the word when a member of your team is drawing. Points are awarded to all team members.