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a set of four aces, kings, queens, or jacks of all different suits

call by a player naming a number of points the partnership must try to score (in melds and in cards taken in tricks)

to take a winner

common marriage
a king and queen of the same nontrump suit

to play a higher-ranking card in the suit led, or in trump

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to distribute the cards to the players; or the set of all four hands that have been dealt

the player who deals the cards

the side that did not make the final bid

a card played in a suit other than the suit led, and other than a trump

the way the cards in a player's hand are divided into suits; also, the way in which a particular suit is divided among the four players' hands

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double deck pinochle
the form of pinochle played at Yahoo, with four identical cards of the A, K, Q, J, and 10 of each suit.

double meld
two instances of the same single meld in the same hand

an original holding of exactly two cards in a suit

draw trumps
to remove trumps from the opponents' hands by leading them; a standard tactic for a declarer

in defending a hand, to play winners in a side suit that the declarer must ruff in order to gain the lead; the purpose of forcing plays is to weaken declarer's trump holding

a point total of 500 or more

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the 20 cards dealt to a player; or the entire deal (all four hands collectively, as in "a hand of pinochle")

head (a trick)
to play a higher-ranking card in the suit led, or in trump

the card played to start a trick, or the obligation to play the first card of a trick; a player "has the lead" or is "on lead" when he or she has won the previous trick

a king and queen of the same suit; see common marriage and royal marriage

a combination of cards having a value in scoring; specifically, marriages, runs, pinochles, and arounds

opening lead
the lead to the first trick, made by the player to declarer's left before the dummy is exposed

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two players who sit across from one another and act as a team against the other two players

the alternative to making a bid; an auction ends after three players pass consecutively

a meld consisting of the queen of spades and jack of diamonds

a unit of scoring

quadruple meld
four instances of the same single meld in the same hand

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a card's name an hierarchy (ace, ten, king, queen, or jack), as distinguished from its suit

a failure to follow suit when able, which is subject to penalties but cannot happen at Yahoo

a marriage in every suit, earning a bonus in some variations of the game

royal marriage
a king and queen of the trump suit

to play a trump when another suit has been led

a meld of A-10-K-Q-J of trumps

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to defeat a contract

side suit
a suit other than trump

single deck pinochle
a version of pinochle that uses a deck consisting of two copies each of the A-10-K-Q-J-10-9 of each suit

single meld
a meld of all different cards

an original holding of exactly one card in a suit

to deliberately play a scoring card (ace, ten, or king) on a trick that partner is expected to win

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one of the four kinds of cards in a deck, denoted by symbols and known as spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, as distinguished from its rank suit trick
the set of four cards played in a round, won by the highest trump or, if no trumps are played, by the highest card of the suit led trick triple meld
three instances of the same single meld in the same hand

the highest ranking suit, named in the contract; during the play of the hand, any trump, regardless of rank, will beat any nontrump card

a card that will take a trick

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