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There's a simple strategy at Reversi that will work wonders against the average player: For most of the game, try to flip over as few opposing pieces as possible. This is counter-intuitive, since the object is to end up with the majority of the pieces showing your color. The reason this "evaporation strategy" works is that the fewer pieces of your own color that are up, the fewer choices of moves the opponent will have--and eventually, the opponent may be forced to play on an X square--one of the squares diagonally adjacent to the corner. After that, it's usually a simple matter for you to capture a corner and build a lead.

In other words, the fewer discs showing a player's color, the fewer options the opponent will have; and in games in general, having more options than the opponent is very important (this is why Chess and Checkers pieces are better placed in the center than on the edge of the board).

When both players are wise to this principle, of course, things aren't so simple. The battle will be close, and there are many positions when it is correct to give the opponent a corner.

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