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The first major PlayStation 4-Xbox One battle may end in a draw
PS4 sales double Xbox One as console war heats up

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PS4 sales double Xbox One as console war heats up

With a one-week head start and 1 million sales in a single day, Sony has a chance to win the holiday season with the PlayStation 4. The Economist has shared some video game console sales predictions from market-research firm IHS, which gives Sony a slight advantage over Microsoft during the launch months of November and December. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected to move more than 2 million units before 2014, barely edging out the Wii U launch numbers. The Wii U sales went on to take a precipitous dive at the beginning of the year, something both Sony and Microsoft are hoping to avoid. This is shaping up to be one the first evenly matched console launches, at least in terms of initial sales. It will be several months, if not over a year, before anyone is likely to take a definitive lead. The Economist’s console retail sales chart follows below.

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