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This might be your only chance to get a PS4 on launch day without a preorder
Sony says there won’t be enough PS4s to go around until summer

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Sony says there won’t be enough PS4s to go around until summer

With less than 48 hours left before the PlayStation 4 launch, there might be only one way to still secure a PlayStation 4 without a preorder. On the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that it will have 444 additional PlayStation 4 units for sale at midnight on November 15th and The Standard, High Line hotel in New York City. The line has apparently already started forming, but anyone considering joining the line should note that the system can only be purchased with a credit card, so keep your cash at home. Along with the extra PS4s, Sony will also be holding a rather large launch event at the hotel, with an arcade, an interactive lighting installation, and the chance to play some PS4 launch titles with the developers. Even if you’ve already preordered your console, it might be worth checking out the event if you’re in the area.

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