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Video: Sony tears down the PlayStation 4, shows off killer hardware
Sony could unveil its secret weapon against Xbox One next week

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Sony could unveil its secret weapon against Xbox One next week

Sony thinks you’ll like the PlayStation 4 so much that it’s willing to rip one apart just to show you why. Wired went to Sony’s headquarters in Japan to take a look at the PlayStation 4′s innards just days before the new console is scheduled to release on November 15th and has posted a video showing off just what makes the next-generation console tick.

What stands out most at first is just how easy the PS4 seems to be to take apart — unlike your typical glue-filled iOS device, Sony’s console packs a lot of power into its console frame and holds it together using a fairly small number of screws. The most tantalizing part of this comes when you see that the PS4′s 500GB hard drive is held in place by just one screw, which makes it incredibly easy to remove it and replace with a bigger hard drive. This will be particularly important since the gaming industry is moving away from disk-based games and toward digital downloads that are supported through the cloud.

Other highlights from the teardown show off the console’s internal power supply that’s located conveniently within the console’s body; its CPU-GPU one-chip integration processor; and its 85-millimeter centrifugal fan that keeps the console cool. Wired’s full video of the teardown follows below.

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