Xbox One reputation notifications will punish cheaters and jerks
Xbox One reputation notifications will punish cheaters and jerks

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Tired of foul language, idling players and trolls in your online Xbox One games? Starting this month, you can finally do something about it. Xbox Live’s Michael Dunn has taken to the Xbox Wire to announce reputation notifications for the new console, warning players as their reputation begins to drop. In the current system, a green reputation means “Good,” yellow means “needs work” and red means “avoid me.”

Along with the notifications, Microsoft is also planning to take away privileges from players who can’t get their act together. If you drop into red territory, you could “have reduced matchmaking pairings and may be unable to use certain privileges such as Twitch broadcasting.”

You won’t have to worry about false reports or griefing: the system will adjust to ensure good players aren’t put at risk of losing anything. As for the cheaters, jerks and nimrods that won’t stop running in circles during Titanfall matches while spouting profanity — watch out. Reputation warnings are coming your way.

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