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Future gaming tech makes waves at CES 2014

OCULUS RIFT -- The winner of Engadget’s Best of CES award, the Rift headset has consistently delivered jaw-dropping demos of virtual-reality gaming. This year’s ‘Crystal Cove’ prototype took things to a new level by erasing the motion blur of earlier versions and pumping out amazingly clear visuals. Now we just want to know when the heck it’s coming out. (Image credit: Oculus)

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The gaming world stepped out of the shadows of CES this year. Fascinating new gaming tech stood shoulder to shoulder with big screen TVs, smartphones and tablets at the massive electronics show, offering a glimpse at how we might be playing in the months and years to come. While not all of these devices and services will earn a spot in our gaming set-up, they all offer an intriguing vision. Here are eight worth watching.

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