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The Best -- and Worst -- Console Launches

BEST – NES (1985) -- The console that revived the video game industry after its notorious 1983 crash had quite the task ahead of it, but Nintendo’s debut delivered big time right from the start. Super Mario Bros. was, of course, the headliner, but mention some of the other launch titles -- including Duck Hunt, ExciteBike, Baseball and Kung Fu -- and people still smile today. Notable releases:

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The months leading up to a console launch are filled with talk of system specs and features. But the minute those consoles hit shelves, the focus shifts squarely to the games.

No matter how fancy its internal components and capabilities may be, the success or failure of a console ultimately comes down to its software. Historically speaking, launch lineups aren’t great – it takes a while for game makers to get the hang of new hardware – but some have been better than others. Much better, as it were.

The key ingredient in any launch lineup isn’t quantity, but quality. One system-selling game is worth more than 20 forgettable ports. As you debate whether the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 has the better initial lineup of games, take a look back at the five best and five worst day one lineups of past home consoles.

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