Yahoo Games: Best of 2013 Awards

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Yahoo Games: Best of 2013 Awards

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Well, THAT was a big year.

We’re not just talking about the launch of two new consoles in the same month or the fact that Grand Theft Auto V blew every launch sales record out of the water -- we’re talking about how, from exciting beginning to glorious end, 2013 was packed with terrific games -- some of the best we’ve ever played.

Take, for example, the 20 winners of Yahoo’s Best of 2013 Awards. 

But just as 2013 was a year of change for the industry, we’ve decided to change up our awards. Gone are the traditional genre awards (do people really think about games in terms of genres anymore?), replaced by what’s obviously the most effective way to get anything done on the internet: a big honking list.

Forget genres and platforms -- the games below are all winners, though we’ve listed them in order of awesomeness, culminating in our overall 2013 Game of the Year winner.

Agree? Disagree? Ring in! And for heaven’s sake, be sure to play some of these. They really are very good.

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